NO New Year Resolutions- Only Affirmations

A New Year’s resolution is a promise we make to ourselves to be better than we were before.  A New Year Resolutions generally could be a vow to complete an assignment, alter a habit, or a pledge to start something anew for our own betterment. The dictionary defines a resolution as a “firm decision to do or not do something.”

So why is a New Year resolution never taken seriously? Why we all make and then break them?

Do these resolutions really work? Do we really succeed in them?

No-Not really! A lot of New Year’s resolutions have to do with making new habits or changing existing ones. If your resolutions are around things like eating healthier, exercising more, drinking less, to quit smoking, spending less time in the digital world or any number of other “automatic” behaviours then we are talking about changing existing habits or making new habits.

Because these resolutions are more like our habits, wishes or desires, which are at the back of our mind or part of our lifestyle we hardly try to work towards them and that’s why they rarely produce long lasting changes.

Resolutions are based on willpower, not systems. And we tend to give up on our willpower too soon.

But do we really need to put ourselves in a specific block?

Why make one decision on one particular day to accomplish it in ONE year. Instead, we should make positive choices based on what really matters to us.dollarphotoclub_98827135-1-e1452702284726-820x400

With this, thought-THIS Year I am going to try a different practice,the practice of                                                         AFFIRMATIONS

An affirmation is a statement of a truth that you want to exist in your life. It is a positive assertion of truth.

 Affirmations, in my belief, are far more mentally healthy and much more realistic than a new year’s resolution.”When people selfaffirm, they enhance their reasoning process. They have more mental energy to complete tasks after self-affirmation,”

Affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more often you say them, the more they will impact your reality. Affirmations are not a one-time event…say them once and life is perfect. Affirmations are an everyday choice, a choice we make with our thoughts and feelings. The more often you use them, the quicker you will begin to see new opportunities, engage in new healthy behaviours, and feel energised by the direction your life will be taking.

Here are some ways on how to make affirmations:

  • Make your affirmations specific. Want to lose weight? Start by taking a 15-minute walk per day. That’s it. Once you can accomplish this daily, you’re ready to take your next baby step.

Want to quit smoking? Start by delaying your first cigarette of the day by 15 minutes. See if you can gradually wean yourself off smoking throughout the work day. Change takes training, it doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Adopt the Three Ps: These are the qualities Peak Performers use on a regular basis. •    Persistence •    Perseverance •    Patience
  • Dream Big, Start Small: It’s never too late to make changes. You’re held back only by your imagination – so dream big, you only go around once. Begin taking small steps towards accomplishing the changes on your list.
  • Keep your affirmations focused and believable, realistic and attainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure: It takes time to give up old habits and replace them with new and healthier habits. Too many people give up if they do not see immediate results. That’s why it’s important to be realistic in setting goals.
  • Essentially, it is important to draw a line between your wants and your feelings. The feeling is the focus.
  • Make a list of things you want to improve in your life that is the best way to create affirmations in your life.
  • Break your goal into a series of time-based steps
  • Always state your affirmations in the present tense.
  • Give yourself small rewards for achieving your each step
  • Always keep your affirmations brief and simple.It’s also a great idea to keep them in a visible place… at your work table, or on the bathroom mirror or your bedside.

Expect to have small setbacks, and don’t make these a reason to give up altogether

Enjoy your affirmations. repeat them, brush them, and whisper them, allow yourself to sweep up in their joy. There is no stress, no timeline, just life. You have infinite possibilities to dream of and build in front of you.

Throughout the year, take the time to make a note of your special achievements and milestones on a slip of paper and store them in a Box.

Come next New Year’s Eve or Day, go through the notes and be sure to pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve done. Once you’ve acknowledged all that you’ve accomplished, you’re in the right mindset to start setting new goals and affirmations for the approaching year.

This year use science to create and stick to your New Year’s affirmations.

 My Best wishes for a wonderful New Year indeed!

May it be filled with astonishing treasures, loving associations, great health and new successes!



Live the life of your Dreams

Over a cup of coffee with a friend today we were chatting over how time is passing by and how badly we are craving to do something more challenging, exciting and satisfying, something which brings out the passionate side of ours, something which is still not realised by the mind but the heart is longing for. Something which pushes us out of the bed in a single go and lets us just enjoy the whole day.

We were wondering what really is stopping us from living our dreams.






 After discussing all the pros and cons we realised – Actually none.

It’s our own mind .it’s a prison created by our own mind.They are all simply excuses and they are as real as we make them.

 Do you also feel like you’re “sleep-walking” in your life? Do you fancy you had more freedom? Do you wish you had more adventure in your life? Do you wish you had more money and a better lifestyle? Do you wish you had more love and care? Do you dread Monday mornings?

Factually most of us are not living our dreams because we are OFFICIALLY grownups and there is too much of FEAR of Failure, fear of losing the status in society or going broke or losing respect amongst friends and family1520823_802259053132824_55935316_n

Shakespeare wrote a great line for Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Fear and self-doubt actually are the invisible walls that stop us from moving ahead in life, it is fear that prevents us from reaching our potential and finding success and happiness.

The best part is that fear comes in disguise dressed up as SENSIBILITY, telling us that we are being sensible as we are parents, have responsibilities of our children or we are supposed to behave in a certain manner as we live in a society where everyone has a job or a business to compete to.

Fear and self-doubt very easily convince us from taking chances in life.Its absolutely astonishing how our brain feeds us with lies until we start believing them as a reality.

If life was totally predictable it wouldn’t be exciting at all. If every wave was the same, surfing wouldn’t have the charm it does. Every time you paddle for a wave, there’s an element of vagueness, but that’s what makes it exhilarating.adventure

The life of your dreams is not that far out of reach as you might think it is.

You have to be enthusiastic to make a few short-term sacrifices for many long term gains.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary” -Jim Rohnd

Following your dreams is not a philosophical mindset, it is a practical outlet. Simply stop thinking and start doing.Your dreams are not only worth your time and energy; they are worth your LIFE! Make sure your dreams are so compelling that they keep you awake at night!live-your-dreams

 People who made a name for their own selves at something (cricket, painting, fashion, art etc.) have usually focused on these things above everything else (friends, family, money, sleep, sanity, etc.).




Figure out a way to schedule your life around what you love instead of the other way around. 

Discover your passions in life and start working towards them.

  • Create your bucket list.
  • Do things that You love, take action on them.
  • Stretch yourself
  • Be more risk inclined
  • Embrace mistakes and disappointments, face your fears.
  • Time is perishable you cannot save it, you can only choose on how to use it.
  • Be awakened from your dreams to reality!

Any person can be whoever and whatever they want to be; it will just take a hell lot of hard work, optimism, self-motivation and willpower along the way. Stay confident, motivated and foolish, at every stride of the way!

It’s All right if you aren’t sure what your dream, your wave or your next thing is. What’s important is taking the time to ask yourself the right questions and then think:

What transformation I want to see in my life and my world?And keep asking your own self. Because if you don’t—no one else will.

Stay Extraordinary, Decide how. Do it NOW

If your life is not moving in the right direction, fix it.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams.

What are your dreams and how are you planning to achieve them? If you have any tips that are keeping you inspired, please do share them with us down below!






Feel your Emotions don’t flee them

 “The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny your feelings, the more they grow.” ~Unknown

Since we start growing up we are taught things like “ Oh don’t be sad about it “ Stop crying, It’s okay and in a way, we are taught not to express all those emotions which are unpleasant.

That’s why many individuals, the moment they experience unpleasant emotions they try to escape from those feelings through alcohol or smoking or restricting their food or overeating, trying to stay extra busy or disconnecting themselves from the outer world.

There was a time in my life when I was too full with emotions and wasn’t able to vent out my feelings. All I knew was I wanted some time off from my routine where I could re-evaluate my life and relationships, cry aloud, value people around, cleanse emotionally and That’s how I decided to go for Vipassana( 10-day silent meditation course)

Life being our best teacher has taught me that the best way out is to bow into my experiences of pain, anger, disappointment and hurt instead of trying to kill my emotions.

NOW I allow myself to be angry when I am upset, cry when I am hurt; (And crying always cleans the soul) speak up my mind when I am too anxious or frustrated about things. This helps me to be more joyful and at peace with myself.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but I have begun to practice mindfulness by not only accepting the good emotions but accepting the ones I am sorer about too.

When you freeze sadness, you also freeze happiness and bliss.

The fact is that you cannot selectively freeze emotions. Denying your emotions creates inner chaos and prolongs the emotional experience. And through this conflict, emotions become trapped in our body.

Feelings of hurt,anger,pain,sadness.anxiety or frustration are all healthy emotions and actually are like waves in the sea.They will keep coming and going,they will rise and fall.

None of the feelings last forever,in fact all are a gift to us and they help us evolve as stronger individuals.feel-your-feelings

Allow the feelings, don’t judge them, and they will pass. It’s very healing and liberating.

My feelings are my direction system. They must be felt, recognised and passed through in order to transform into something better.

One of the best things I learned this last year is that “all feelings are valid, “Own it and get over it.” We don’t live there! We feel the feelings, process them, and move on.

We could make it a whole lot easier on ourselves if we recognised that feelings aren’t there to be fixed, they just need acknowledgement! There is a beauty in pain that even happiness cannot touch, you let yourself feel. Pain will be the thing that brings you to yourself.

It’s important to remember that embracing your strengths and well-being does not mean ignoring your difficulties. We are measured by our ability to work through our hardships and insecurities, not avoid them.

We are all fighting some sort of battle, and when we accept this truth for ourselves, and others, it becomes a lot easier to say, “I’m struggling right now and that is okay.”

Ultimately, you deserve to let yourself experience all of your emotions and to treat yourself with kindness and care.

Not being okay all the time is perfectly okay J

So my girls Be well, be aware, Be happy! Go hug that one person today because of whom you have bottled up your feelings for long.


I don’t know what your pain is. We all hold it, some pain, inside of us; we carry it with us. And that’s fine, it really is.

Healing requires feeling! May you heal your own self.

May you conquer all of your pains and feel liberated.