Offline is the new Online

We all have been reading quite a few articles currently on the damage the digital world is doing to us, how we should unplug and how we are drifting apart as a society.

My first experience on going off technology was when last year I went for my 10-day silent meditation course called Vipassana

At Vipassana, one is supposed to submit their phones, laptops on the very first day and not supposed to even take a paper and a pen.

The first day of this disconnect I felt extremely weird and thought it was a Big Mistake, Staying away from my family( especially my 7-year-old son )  for 10 days plus no phone no source of contact was beyond my own imagination of what I was really doing.It took me hours to sleep the very first night as the ritual before retiring to bed had been being on social media till my eyes would give up. After tossing and turning around for hours and wondering why I did this to myself I finally slept.

The next few days were uneasy but since we used to do a lot of meditation there, I quickly adjusted to the setup and started enjoying being close to nature and rediscovering myself.

The actual unplugging happened when I consciously decided to go off facebook, twitter and put my notifications off on WhatsApp.
I quickly realised how lonely I was feeling with this disconnect. I had no idea what my family and friends were up to or what was happening in my surroundings. My mind at times would play the old trick Ummm, wonder what time is it? Just check your phone”!!

spvhcbuki6e-william-ivenWe all have that yearning to stay eternally connected and the moment we are not connected there is a lot of unrest amongst us. None of our digital equipment’ breathe or have a pulse still we end up giving more time and value to them rather than the people sitting close to us.

    I still was convinced with myself that it was a wrong decision on going off digital as I was feeling so low and lonely and clueless until something really wonderful happened.

I got a call from one of my most unexpected facebook friend who called to check on to me if I was okay! As she realised I was missing from the social media.

Even after hanging up the phone I still kept feeling so wonderful about how she took the time to call and check on me.

Gradually I realised things were changing, The fact was I was rediscovering myself and my interests, started doing things which I had always wanted to do but due to lack of time was ignoring and the level of distraction was so low NOW, I was working more efficiently because phone was not in my hands anymore and my total focus was on the work I was doing.

This unplugging helped me learn how to live in the present with the people who were near me, helped me restore the balance in my life, and helped me celebrate the power of true connection and not the digital connections.

Unplugging from the online world is important for our wellness, it’s not possible every time to take up a retreat or a silent meditation but it’s always in our hands to leave the phone behind and go for a long walk, enjoy the nature.

We need to understand that Life at its best is happening right in front of us, we need to appreciate what is happening now, this moment will never come back, these conversations are authentic and unfiltered nothing is photoshopped.But if we are too busy staring down at our screens, we’re going to miss the beauty of this moment.

Life is still about touch, eye contact, feelings, flesh, blood, we need to feel all of it than the lifeless screens. The most valuable thing we can give to our loved ones, our friends is our own presence.

Roshi Joan Halifax made this beautiful observation: Though social networking can bring us closer together, nothing can replace warm hand-to-warm-hand contact.

Many of us post reading this are going to say “Oh I am not addicted to social media, I give enough time to my family and friends”. If that is so let’s do this addiction test because addiction can only be understood when the object is taken away.

Try to keep your electronic gadgets away on every weekend and see how you feel about it? What changes you see in your life?

  • All I want to convey is be mindful of your reasons for connecting to technology.
  • Get the most important things done and let go of the rest.
  • Power down for one time of every day.
  • Make a plan for phone and computer free time so that you can get the most out of it.
  • Don’t take technology to bed: It’s not your partner, so don’t treat it like one.

The Internet is an important part of our life and most of us do business with it. I understand that there are situations where we need to connect with home or work.

For me, in no manner, it is going away. That is why once in a while getting OFF it makes sense to me.

Right now am trying to build a digital-free practice at home for which the work is still in progress 😉

As you wean yourself off electronics, amplify the time and enjoy the results. Switching Off will only help Switching On the real connections.

photo-1461595520627-42e3c83019bcLike now I try to relax more with a walk in the park, Sit over coffee and talk, watch sunsets, bond with nature, eat and enjoy food and wine 😉 and just connect with life the old fashioned way! Cheers to tech detoxing!

And you my friend just Look Up!





Rajasthan’s Discovery – Milana Masci

Hope trunk, tuxedo, grandeur box or bridal trousseau; it has been every bride’s dear most friend during the preliminary months of her married life since decades. With time, the stuffing of this treasure box might have drastically changed but the belief and emotions attached to it remain unchanged.

Earlier what used to encompass of just 11 essential items put together, these days enclose almost every essential that a newly-wed would need to have in her closet to prepare her for all the occasions she would have to be a part off.

With her bridal trousseau in place she would be all set to make a lifelong impression on one and all.

However, the process of selecting the perfect outfit is not always as pleasurable and straightforward as it might give the impression.

Shop hopping
Coping with heavy price tags,
Bad quality of fit & fabric,
No innovative designs,

Dealing with Unprofessional vendors.
are few of the challenges which every family faces during this important time.
If you are not careful, you run the risk of making expensive mistakes.

And so, when I came across this one of its own kind wonderful brand, Milana Masci  owned by Milan Rai Kak from Jaipur, The ONLY One stop wedding destination in Rajasthan

I couldn’t help but to share it with you all.

Venturing her brand into creating pieces that are curation of her mood for the season, you will find that everything from ornamental accessories, to the style of vintage buttons, the pearl & zardozi work on suede jackets receive the same level of Milan’s passionate and loving attention to detail that you cannot afford to ignore.


Milan ensures that her brand offers bespoke garment and accessory designs that can be easily dawned over a sari to denim with personalised styling and expert hair and makeup notching up statement u make.

The need to mix style with warmth can be tricky but at Milana Masci they ensure that your winters are warm and stylish with their wow segment of beautifully done jackets which gets the mercury rise 😉img_5925

Rajasthan is known for its glorious lifestyle and rich cultural heritage. Royalty is a word closely associated with Rajasthan, the weddings of Rajasthan are a grand affair and they stand apart in terms of style and opulence. The gorgeous wedding attires, Jewellery wedding rituals are mesmerising for any spectator. The splendour of the wedding costume reflects an exclusive appeal.img_5924

Making this special day an unforgettable celebration with a guiding hand Milana Masci aims to offer a flawless styling experience to its clients with curate designs and genuinely sourced handcrafted items.


Milan Rai Kak the brain and the passion behind Milana Masci says:

We support rural industries and women empowerment through our designs and products.

Milan Rai Kak’s contemporary outlook on life is interwoven with strong traditional and family values. So it is a great joy to her when her forward thinking is supported and bolstered by her family ties.

While the idea of trousseau might light up a twinkle in the bride’s eyes, she needs to be much organised about the whole process. Here’s the way to a well-planned wedding shopping-Only for the prudent bride-to-be at Milana Masci.(

If you are one of those who is soon to become a bride or groom or have a wedding to be planned for someone in your family, Reach Milana Masci, they will make your whole experience a memorable one. With them, it’s time to spoil yourself with custom made couture fashion that screams class all over. They are passionate about creating captivating and unforgettable experiences for you and your guests that leave a lasting impression.

One look at the collection and you experience ROYALTY!!