Don’t let your mind bully your body …. LOVE IT!

Half the time I have looked myself in the mirror and thought “I hate my tummy”, “how I wish I had great hair” “oh my extra sensitive skin”!!

Innumerable times I have bullied my body & kept myself from feeling my best. It’s not that my body had these issues, it’s just the way my mind was feeding me.

Thanks to wisdom flowing in with time, I now don’t let my mind bully my body.

We’ve all been there- we’ve had some terrible thoughts about ourselves. How much we ate, how we look, feeling like we didn’t do an adequate amount of exercise today. We have bashed our bodies mostly because we saw some airbrushed models or celebrity images on social media without realising those pictures are “retouched” to define cheekbones, smooth out skin, remove fat, and lengthen limbs—to name a few.

The thing is it’s normal to have these thoughts about our own selves, like i am not tongue-tied to accept the fact that I’m not a bot sitting behind this screen and telling you that every notion that passes through my head is a positive one- because that’s so not true.

Sometimes they’re pretty repulsive. Sometimes my fears are all over the place and my brain just feels like it’s going to blow up.

Truth is most of us look outward to see beauty, We have these incredibly high expectations of ourselves, and in the due course we develop too much of self doubt, do a lot of negative self talk and start believing everything that we think.body

In reaction to this our body hears and feels our stress.

The negative inner chat demotivates us and depresses our mind.

Nevertheless there is always a way to twist something negative into something positive- it all has to do with our frame of mind!

  • Concentrate on fuelling your body with nourishing food and positive self-talk. Make food your friend. So eat what you love and do so in a way that makes your body feel happy, not crappy.
  • Stopping the negative self-talk is the first step in learning to appreciate who you really are.
  • Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.
  • Make an extra effort to feel good about your own self every day. A number is just a number, a size is just a size, it shouldn’t make you sad and pull you down because a number doesn’t defines your self worth, stop the self-harm, stop the cycles ofself sabotage.
  • Get mindful of what isn’t working. Become aware of what thoughts, situations, and people prompt your body bully to scream at you. Is it social media or a friend who always complains about her body? Its not easy to evade such situations and people from your life, but you can be in charge of how much time and energy you spend on them.
  • Be happy with your own self; don’t wish to be like someone. The fire in us must burn brightly than the fire around us.
  • You have the power to not let your mind bully your body, and to not let the negative thoughts you have control you and dictate how you live your life. Start embracing your beautiful body. Remember, it’s the only one you’ve got
  • Practise Self Love.

To wrap it up, you are the BEST version of YOU, find true happiness within yourself.images

Bring on the body love and put it into practice when you look in the mirror.


Be Body positive and don’t let you mind bully your body.

Head up, Gorgeous!



10 thoughts on “Don’t let your mind bully your body …. LOVE IT!

  1. upasna1987

    Loved the quote Sheetal and realizing its so true. Our body responds the way our mind signals it. How we put ourselves under societal pressure and started feeling complacent. Lovely takeaway- Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.

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  2. The quote is pregnant with meaning. We must learn to take care of ourselves and not media construct of fat removal or size zero. Sadly, people follow such flawed standards rather than taking care of themselves through exercising, meditation and healthy lifestyle.

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