In your fucking face…

Couldn’t agree more!

Exploring the epiphany

Karma won’t make your life miserable for taking out those barrels of guns, it will just make you realize how you have left the soil with melancholic bloodstains. And the rest will be taken care by what they call humanities and perceptions.

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Get out of the Habit of Habit

We all have our set routines and we love them. (at least I do) because it brings a lot of ease in our life.

Working from home has got me used to a fixed lifestyle where I am moving at my own pace and comfort.

Most of these habits revolve around me, like working out at a specific time, taking naps during the day, drinking tea at all odd hours, sitting on my side of the bed (just in case if anyone sits on my side of bed and they don’t budge, I will keep standing till the other person leaves my place: D) and many more which comprise of stagnant living.

So many times I end up saying NO to my friends for lunches or dinners because my routine gets hassled up or the timings don’t fit into my work and home routine

Thank god my friends don’t ask me much but just tell me to reach at a certain place at a certain time and I have to push myself to step out “breaking my routine”.

Our natural habits are surely very helpful for us like switching off the lights before leaving the room, washing hands before meals, opening muddy shoes outside the house, giving way for the ambulance etc but some of our habits can imprison us in our own little world & disconnect us from reality.images

Many times because of our routines we do push away a lot many exciting events, exchange of great ideas or just spending that relaxed time with friends.

I gained some self-insight and identified how stuck I am in my set lifestyle, now I am shaking things up and breaking out of my much-adopted habits and routine.

Am learning to:

  • Give up control: With giving up control of how I have always done things I am now learning to create space for new ideas and am adopting a more receptive outlook.
  • Looking out for the unusual: I have now started forcing my mind to adapt things which I had never opted for, forcing my mind out of its tendencies.
  • Making Mistakes: As it has been said If you are not making mistakes, you are creating a big mistake. So am all set to make more and more mistakes 😉
  • Seek out for new opportunities: I am learning to push myself to gain new experiences because being in a routine will never add up to my personality but only make me more confide to my walls. Time to break the chain
  • Dorothy Rowe, world renowned psychologist said, “If you try to make everything in your life secure, what you gain in security you lose in freedom.” I am ready to experience that freedom because what happens the next minute also brings no certainty.

Undoubtedly, a routine has its own advantages, but if it seems insubstantial, may try breaking out of your habits, learn to take a plunge and try things out of your comfort zone. That’s where the actual learning begins.break

It’s time to embrace the unfamiliar. Get out of the habit of habit and dive in the unknown,; it is going to affect you and everyone around in the most positive manner.

    What habit are you willing to give up?