Healthy Aging

As I get ready to hit my forties, I know and understand that there are health challenges women of my age face from exceeding waistlines, slowing of metabolism, and the greying of hair, to dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles. Some of these are inevitable even if we are getting better with our habits and nutrition as compared to what we were in our thirties or earlier. But the fact is, we women end up going to the doctor only when we are not able to handle our medical problem, in the same manner, we start exercising only when our body stops responding naturally in a healthy manner.

It’s time we learn to take care of our body and mind!
A healthy diet, along with exercise and an active mind is, in my opinion, the keys to healthy aging. Nowadays, diet and exercise are getting a lot of attention. Which is great and it does help in a great way, but I think it’s very important to include “exercising the mind”. A mind that is not used, just like a body that is not exercised, will become flabby and useless. As children leave home, and the work around the home becomes less, a woman needs to find outlets for her mind. Reading, exercising, visiting a friend, a body massage, browsing  the internet, etc. are all great ways to exercise the mind and body.
Try doing your bit every day with what your circumstances allow you to do, because the daily grind is in face riding you.

Simply PAUSE, and take the friction from the grind out for a moment. Go take a walk, run, do yoga, sit in a park, find a quiet spot near a water fountain, have a coffee all by yourself and see how relaxed and recharged you can be!photo-1444011283387-7b0f76371f12
If you are like me, cribbing about how little personal time there is, start waking up early 15 minutes before everyone else wakes up! Enjoy your tea or coffee, make notes, write down what you are thankful for, enjoy the morning air, and see how blissful it is.
Finding time for yourself is very important for healthy maturing! This year I went for Vipassana (a ten-day silent meditation course) leaving behind my 7-year-old son and husband. That solitude for 10 days gave me a great opportunity to take a stock of my life. Meditation for 5 to 10 minutes every day helps us to de-stress and improves our focus and concentration, plus it will be a crucial part of our transformation in maturing gracefully!

Improving your eating habits is also a big factor in maturing gracefully, as 80% is your diet and only 20% is the workout. A rational balance needs to be struck between both.
Stop treating yourself as the least important! Give priority to yourself! Cultivate a passion, take up a sport. Dress up, do your makeup, and don’t wait for a special occasion to feel good about yourself. If it is sarees, then wear them in a charming manner, if its suits, be your own designer and stand out amongst the crowd.

Feeling good, body and mind, will make a lot of difference in how you live in these transitioning years. Make the most of it.

Stay Fabulous Stay Healthy 🙂