Allow yourself the LOVE you Deserve

“So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it is so important”

I’m certain you must have read this a number of times that “We should first love ourselves “. Still, it is most dumped thought till date.

Do you remember the last time you pampered yourself with a full body massage or a visit to a spa or maybe just spending the whole day doing exactly what you wanted to do for a long long time?

Am sure you don’t! And the reason possibly is that you are too busy playing a mother ,wife or a daughter in law’s role, so hard ,that in this entire process you have forgotten your own self.

I, for sure, did forget how it is to love my own self. It’s now that I am developing the practice of giving myself the priority. Because I realize that only if I will love myself will I be able to share the same love with my family and friends.

Most of us will not love ourselves until we lose a certain amount of weight, get the desired money, achieve that perfect job, experience improved relationships with our close ones and the list is long.

We often put conditions to love ourselves and gradually we get into the habit of ignoring our own selves.

“WE are the victim of the beliefs we live by”

(to be honest)Life actually is a journey of self-exploration. It’ isn’t selfish to love ourselves,to give time to ourselves.

The moment you practice self-love you will definitely see a change in your relationship with others, a great amount of positivity and a happy state of mind & body.


               Here are some practical ways you can learn to love yourself instead of living on the idea of other people loving you.

  • Take your relationship with your own self to a higher level. Do it with pleasure and love!

You have earned it all this while. You have been multi-tasking for years ,ignoring your own self. Get into the habit of loving yourself only then will you be able to share this love and care with your people around.

  • If you are not going to love yourself today you will never love and pamper yourself tomorrow or the day after.

You will have the same excuse always.

  • Take care about how you look, (yeah yeah! We all know about beauty being skin deep)  I’m not talking about taking care in a superficial manner but in the manner that you feel confident about yourself when you step out of the home.

If pampering yourself works with you, get a hot water bath, visit to a spa or get a facial. Love your body; it’s only one you have.

  • Take a step towards leading a happy guilt free life. Don’t forget YOU are magnificent & no one on this earth is like you. Nurture yourself with love and care.
  • Don’t even try to fit into someone else’s shoes. Everyone is going through their own share of battles.
  • Stop looking for approvals and acceptance from others. Focus on acceptance of self-flaws and work on yourself. Let go off your mistakes, learn from them.
  • Calm your mind. Breathe out all the negative thoughts that hurt you and put you down.
  • Loosen up! You don’t need to take every situation and challenge in life too seriously. Learn to laugh it off.

Choose to love yourself; you have a right to an awesome life. Be more passionate. Let self-love, self-compassion, and hope flow.

You are your own beautiful version in this ONEderful life. Enjoy every bit of it.

And remember:  “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”: Gautam Buddha